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Thomas Majchrzak
´s competence is very wide, from object oriented system development
and GUI design to project management.

Diplom Informatiker Thomas Majchrzak 

Technical competence:

Computers PC, UNIX machines, parallel computers, PDA (hand-hold), Virtual Reality systems
Languages C, C++, Java, VB
Other Linux, Unix, Windows CE/98/NT/2000/XP, STL, PHP, JavaScript, VC++, CE-VC++, Oracle, DB2, VPM, HTML, CVS, Continuus, Toad, CGI, PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)
OO design UML (Unified Modeling Language), Rational Rose
Graphical user interface GUIDE (Graphical User Interface Design and Evaluation)

Experience examples:

In Germany:

Telecommunication Object orientated design and software implementation, RationalRose, Unix, MVS, PC, DB2, C++
Softwarehouse Application porting (Workflow): AIX to MVS (OS390); C++, DB2, Unix
In Sweden:  
Pharmacy Module design and implementation for communication between PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and Terminal System. C, VB, Unix, Windows, Sybase, PLC, AIX, PC
Huddinge Hospital Object orientated design and software implementation for Karolinska Institute medicine students and health care departements.Graphic user interface design. Tools: VC++ at Windows NT/CE platform. HW: PC, PDA. Embedded Programming.
Inquiry into:Linux OS.
LITU System design for distance education.
Student catalog realization : JavaScript, Informix
Virtual Reality Lab. 3-D sound library development for VR use. Client/server model, language C/C++, hardware: SGI (Silicon Graphics) and PC. Linux/Unix.

Outside Sweden
IST, Lisbon EU project. Object orientated application- design and implementation. Graphic interface design- and implementation. System administration.
SW: C++, Java, TCP/IP, CGI, SQL database programming and testing. OS:Solaris, Irix, Linux
HW: Silicon Graphics, Sun Workstation, PC.
IGD-FHG "Virtual Reality" development -systems and applications. C/C++. SGI (3-pipes Onyx RE).
Module development of sound propagation simulation and it's parallelization for "MANNA" parallel machine (16 proz.).

C/C++, PVM, parallel computation, TCP/IP. HW: Silicon Graphics, HP, Sun Workstation, PC.
OS: Solaris, Linux, Irix.
Pedagogical work VR seminars for teachers in Umeå
Guitar teacher (1984-88), Music association, Katowice, Poland
Course Windows CE, VC++, Hands on, London
Music acoustic for sound technicians, KTH 1998, 5 points
Workshop for Object Oriented Analyse

Fluent: German, Polish;
good: English, Swedish (TISUS exam);
read/speak: Portuguese, Spanish

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